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I help people who love God but have felt let down by religion.

If you love God but have experienced a lack of support from your church or local community this can feel devastating. The thing that brings you so much joy can leave you feeling out of place and a sense of shame. 

I’m The Faith Therapist and I work with people to explore their relationship with God so you can love God, love yourself, love your relationships and love life.

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Hi, I’m Victoria or Taiwo and I am a Christian. I know how devastating shame can be, and I am passionate about helping people heal from shame. So much so, my dissertation was on black culture shame which has helped me to become a compassionate psychotherapist. 


You’re hurting right now, but there is a way to heal. Let's work together to understand and move forward with your faith, life and relationships.

I understand the fear of rejection and how our complex emotions and experiences can make us feel powerless and overwhelmed. I aim to help you explore whatever is happening for you and to express those emotions and to make sense of them. I will be there with you no matter how you’re feeling right now to help you find a brighter future. 

If it’s time to reconnect to your true self, get clarity on what's happening for you and find a way to work through your current issues I can help. Call me or message me now and take the next step

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