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Hi, I’m Victoria, or Taiwo, and I am a Christian. 

My experiences of living in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom have shappened me to be the woman I am today. Nigeria gave me a stronger faith than I’d ever find anywhere else, and the UK gave me the wonderful ability to explore my past and begin to heal and understand. 


Both cultures have taught me a lot about myself and our personal struggles. Understanding these allow me to be compassionate and non-judgemental. 


Having an intimate relationship with God makes me realise how deeply I am loved and cared for. I strongly believe there is a massive difference between religion and an intimate relationship with God.


Religion can get us stuck and some of the things I worked through in my own therapy included healing from fears and guilt imposed upon me from a tender age. Therapy was the beginning of my freedom from these crippling fears and unhealthy guilt. 


I believe most of our trauma comes as a result of unresolved ruptures in our lives. Through therapy I experienced some healing by allowing someone neutral whose intention was for my highest good, to sit down with me in my place of pain and despair. It was a space without shame. 


My therapist gave me the strength to know my trauma can be part of me and that I don’t need to get lost in it.  As a result of this therapeutic relationship, my healing process began. These life-changing experiences led me to be a counsellor / psychotherapist.


A passion to connect with other people is part of how we flourish as human beings, and I have a passion to connect with other people in the place of their despair.


From my personal experiences, I can understand when my clients say they fear they’re not good enough, or they fear they might be judged by others. I can understand that fear of rejection and other human emotions and experiences make us feel powerless and overwhelmed.  And I also know that this can be changed. 

My  Approach

I work relationally, which means that the relationship is the most important aspect for the work to go smoothly.

I use various therapeutic approaches to dig deep into the origin of the issues you bring.

I see you as a whole individual, rather than a number of issues or symptoms. This means I work with all areas of your life.

This will provide greater insights into what you’re going through right now, leading to in-depth long term change and benefits for your life.

Throughout our therapeutic journey together, I will accept you and support you fully. Without judgment, and through my work, I am fully in tune with myself and with how I’m feeling, with who I am as a counsellor and as an individual.

This helps us meet each other right where we are, with all our personality traits and all of our emotions.

We can work from a genuine point of view.

Together we will work with unconscious processes, including using dreams and metaphors that arise through our sessions.

My Experience

I work in the NHS which provides short-term counselling/psychotherapy, usually 6 sessions. It is dynamic work but also effective, so if you’re looking for short term work, you’re in the right place.

I also work in an open-ended way, which means we can have as many sessions as you’d like. You set the limits and decide when to end.

My Qualifications & CPD
  • MSc Integrative Psychotherapy UKCP reg. 2011165971

  • Disorder Eating & Attachment   Pauline Andrews 

  • Working Creatively with Inner Child  Pauline Andrews

  • Sex in Counselling   Micheal Pearson  

  • Working Creatively with Dreams in Counselling  Pauline Andrews

  • Working with Suicidal Clients   Andrew Reeves

  • Working Creatively with Blocked Anger  Pauline Andrews

  • Working with Personality Disorders  Martin Smith

  • Single Session Therapy and One At A Time Therapy  Windy Dryden 

  • Dealing with distress: Working with Suicide and Self Harm  Carolyn Spring 

  • Trauma and The Body: Dissociation and Somatization  Carolyn Spring

  • Working with Shame  Carolyn Spring 

  • Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders  Wale Oladipo

  • Raising Awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome 

  • ICO Registered (Reg A8516248)


  • UKCP Reg. 2011165971

  • The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI)

  • Creative Counsellors Directory

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