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12 WEEK Programme with Victoria Dada 

My BEING ME programme will  help you work on your sense of rejection, loneliness, fear, inadequacy, anxiety, feeling judged inappropriately and to find healthy connections, so you can become more of who you are and able to function with greater freedom.


This programme is for people who are ready to shine as their true unique self. 

being me

Download my full brochure below to learn more about my "Being Me" 12 week program. 

The benefits of the Being Me programme
are life changing, they include: 



guilt and shame

embracing your 









less fear of

being judged 


Getting to know "ME" - part 1

Begin to SEE yourself again by exploring your true values and passions. 

Together we will explore what makes you unique! Once you begin to open up to who you really are, you will start to:

  • Value yourself for who you are and begin to live with more freedom 

  • Quieten your negative voice and give your true voice space in important relationships

Getting to know "ME" - part 2

Powerful new mantra: 

  • You will create your new mantra that will connect you to a new powerful belief system.

  •  Your mantra will lay a positive foundation as you go through the programme. 

Looking at "Anger".

What is anger anyway? ​ You will explore anger so that you can: 

  • Learn what triggers your anger and safely start to get your needs met 

  •  Strengthen your relationships with loved ones 

  • Speak up clearly as your true self 

  • You will create a powerful mindset around anger

Understanding your boundaries

So that you can: 

  •  Live with less anxiety & stress 

  •  Feel understood by your family and friends

  • Enjoy less conflict and better communication with loved ones

  • Your new powerful mindset around personal boundaries will give you greater self-esteem

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Understanding Fear

So that you can: ​

  •  Start to create choices in your life that inspire change

  • ​Learn to give yourself compassion and space 

  • Become aware and understand the impact fear has on your body.​

  • You will create a new belief system about fear so that you can enjoy choices and freedom

Embracing Who I am - part 1

So that you:

  • Heal your past and step into your future with confidence

  •  Discover your true potential 

  • Learn to value yourself

Embracing who I am - part 2

An empowering session about how we talk to our inner child 

So that you can:


  • powerfully be your own validation of who you really are.

  • Who you want to be. 

  • Who you will be from now on.

Embracing Who I am - part 3

A review of the powerful work you have been doing with your inner child.

So that you you can:


  • Heal from what was in your past as you grew up


  • You can leave the past gently where it is and move on

  • You can start thriving as who you are now and shine as the better version of yourself.

Being ME!


You are more than your past. 

  • We will revisit the mindsets you have created through the programme along with your mantra. 

  • Then we will look into who you can now become as you are truly free to be you. 

  • Get ready to see your future in a whole different light!

Implementation Week

​Have time to reflect and process what you have been learning. 

So that you can:

  • Be the person you want to be 

  • Live a life that is authentic. 

  • Feel closer to God. 

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