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The content of all psychotherapy sessions is confidential and this applies to any and all records, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, except in the following instances:

  1. Where a client gives consent for confidence to be broken.

  2. Where the psychotherapist is compelled to break confidentiality by a court of law.

  3. Where material from psychotherapy sessions is used for research and/or publication.  In such instances all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the anonymity of the client.

  4. Where information disclosed during a session is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot reasonably be expected to be maintained.  This will apply, for example, in cases of fraud and crime and where there are reasonable grounds to believe that there is a risk of serious harm to the clients or others.

  5. Client records will be kept in a locked metal filing cabinet.


Duration, Cancellation and Cost of Sessions


A psychotherapy session will normally last for 60 minutes and the fee per session will be £65.00. This is payable before the commencement of each session. A minimum 6 months notice will be given in writing regarding any fee increases.

The psychotherapy contract will be ongoing.

At the commencement of our work I ask that you pay a double fee which means you always be one session “in credit” thus there will be no money owing on the final session.

In the event that a client needs to cancel a session then the full fee is payable.

The duration and frequency of sessions will be discussed and agreed upon by the client and psychotherapist. The client is required to give a minimum 4 weeks’ notice of termination if circumstances are such that the ongoing contract would need to cease.


Code of Ethics & Professional Practice


I adhere to the Codes of Ethics & Professional Practice of the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute which Code is compatible with the requirements of the Code of Ethics & Professional Practice of the U.K.C.P. and B.A.C.P. I also adhere to the Codes of Ethics of UKCP. This is to ensure that you receive a good and professional service and means that I am accountable to a higher national organisation and must work within their guidelines. The SPTI Code of Ethics & Professional Practice and Complaints Procedure will be made available to the supervisee upon request.


The client’s rights as a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act are maintained for the purposes of goods supplied in relation to psychotherapy by the psychotherapist.

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