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My Psychotherapy Career: from NHS to Private Practice

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the journey that led me to become The Faith Therapist you know today? I recently had the honour of joining the Helen Willingham on the @psychotherapiesuk podcast for a heart-to-heart about my psychotherapy path.

From my early days in accounting and finance, to call centre work during my counselling training, to my formative years as the only Black therapist in my NHS team, every step was instrumental in shaping my approach to psychotherapy 🙏🏾

In 2020, I ventured into private practice, navigating the challenges of the pandemic while establishing my business. This journey taught me invaluable lessons about leveraging my identity and experiences to resonate with clients on a deep, meaningful level.


Tune in to this latest episode of the UKCP podcast, where Helen and I delve deep into my story, faith, culture, and the intersection of race and therapy.

Click the link below to listen 🎧


How can a newly qualified member benefit from working in an organisation?

In this episode Helen Willingham, our head of content and engagement, talks to UKCP psychotherapist Victoria Dada.

Victoria looks back at her career and why she decided to start out in the NHS before setting up her own private practice during the pandemic.

‘As we all know, the NHS is a well-established organisation. It also comes with the richness, with the opportunities to grow and it also widened my knowledge.’

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