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Embrace the power of your unique self;
Grow your relationship with God

Find the path out of feelings of shame, fear of rejection, and worthlessness and move towards peace, power, and spiritual healing.

Embrace The Power Of Your Unique Self

Date: 04 May 2022
Time: 6 PM

Join me on the webinar, it's your time!

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Embrace the power of your unique self is for you if:

  • You love God but feel let down by religion

  • Your experiences have left you feeling powerless, isolated, guilty, angry, and needing to escape through a cycle of unhealthy coping mechanisms

  • Your relationship with yourself, those around you and God is at rock bottom

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I can help you because:

I understand. As a Christian who has dealt with the cultural shock of moving from Nigeria to the UK and a qualified psychotherapist who wrote my dissertation on black culture shame, I know how important it is to make positive generational change.

The world seems pretty dark right now but I know you have the strength to work through difficult emotions and traumatic religious experiences to step into your true self.

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In this hour-long webinar, I’ll guide you through my roadmap to recovery, enabling you to:

  • Stand up for yourself and let go of people-pleasing

  • Build relationships in which you are fully accepted and your values are respected

  • Express and make sense of emotions (even the ones that you’ve been shamed into suppressing)

  • Maintain an intimate relationship with God, knowing how deeply loved and cared for you are

Come as you are, no matter what you’ve been through.
There is no judgment. Just healing. You deserve for your uniqueness to shine bright and to feel deeply loved by God.

Join me for Embrace the power of your unique self on May 4th at 6 PM

What is the roadmap to recovery?

I’m sharing my signature framework for dealing with the problems that are keeping you down and implementing the mindset that will keep you uplifted. This includes taking the time to get to know yourself, your values, and what makes you unique, setting your own boundaries with confidence and learning how to respond to anger and fear with awareness.

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