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Thank You For Your Registration

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You’re going to Embrace The Power Of Your Unique Self!


You’ve officially secured your place at Embrace The Power Of Your Unique Self. I can’t wait to see you there and use the hour we have together to support you in your relationship with yourself and God. 


Next steps:


  1. Look out for a confirmation email from (check your spam if you don’t see it)

  2. Mark [webinar date and time] in your diary so you don’t forget about it (I will remind you as well don’t worry)

  3. Stay in touch! You can find me on Instagram

  4. Do you know someone else that might benefit from this event? Send them this link Embrace Yourself so they can take a look


Thank you so much for signing up! I’m looking forward to connecting with you further. 


Always remember: You are beautifully unique and deserve wholehearted love and respect!

Have a great day,


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